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Anonym fragte:

Do you also answer questions privately, if you don't want to answer them on your blog?

I reply private when I think this shouldn’t know everyone and if I don’t want stuff on my blog I just don’t answer because I don’t have to reply everything

rm-1985 fragte:

That is super sad, I feel sorry for you. Have you any idea, why you can't find a boyfriend? I think, it's not because you look bad or so, you are really beautiful. Or are you just shy? I wish, I was younger and lived close, I would take you out on a date <3.

Thank you!! :) and i’m really shy :)

rm-1985 fragte:

Hi again, just wanted to ask few more things. Since when do you have your tunnels? Do you only make hair tutorial videos and stuff on YT? Could you PLZ smile more in your pics/videos? Is it true, that you NEVER had a boyfriend? Can't be true, I mean, how could a beautiful young girl like you not find a boy?

since i’m 12 years old. I make videos of things a lot of people ask me to do and I’m not a youtuber because people always tell me to do tags and stuff but I made this account to help people with their hair ect.
I had one when I was 9 years old but I guess this doesn’t count. Aw :)

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